Angler’s line

Angler’s line

Fishing as a lifestyle

Angler’s line

Milica, Adventurer, Citizen of the World

30 March 2018



Ever wondered how would you describe what fishing means to you if the question was raised?
Is it a hobby, a passion, a lifestyle or all three combined?

It’s one of those matters where you know the answer deep down, you feel it in your bone, you visualize it, you live it, but you just fail to word it as if no description is good enough and no words can reflect what drives you and envision that inner peace and meaningful satisfaction you get when you pack your tackle boxes and clean your rods the night before you set out.
Is it like everything else us humans experience – in order to relate to it, you have to feel it on your own skin, to go through it and only then will you realize the depths of someone else’s words.

Naming it only a hobby seems like we’re excluding all the passion that comes along, that unexplainable moment when you feel the line stretching and once again you sense you have rejoined with nature, you feel as humanly as possible overwhelmed by tremendous joy and undefeatable pride.

Defining it solely as a passion sets aside the persistence and commitment to the idea. All the knowledge you’ve gained, all the experience that followed. How not only did you learn about the fish but how fish encouraged you to learn about yourself, too. How you started out naïve and impatient and gradually grew up to be wise, realizing that having it on the hook is a process and that you value every step of it.

And all those laughs and cries, whether you went to your favorite fishing spot all by yourself and while preparing the baits you overanalyzed your life recreating the peace you came to look for or in those times where you were surrounded by your loved ones creating the best memories you’ll carry along during your lifetime. And how it still gives you chills and how your eyes sparkle when you take a path down the memory lane of your angler lifestyle.

Like Herbert Hoover once said All men are equal before fish, we would just add that it takes a great man to catch a fish. A man reunited with nature who feels the urge to thank it for all its blessings. A man who knows that not only the catch grows in size as years go by but that the man himself grows along with it.

So with a smirk on your face when asked what fishing means to you, don’t try to explain, just tell them: Pack yourself, I’ll show you.