Favorite Fishing Place

Milica, Adventurer, Citizen of the World

22 August 2018

A lake, a pond, a river or a streak?
The depths of sea or an ocean bay?
Hole in the ice or offshore space – what is your favorite fishing place?

Freshwater fishing might be considered as the best choice for the beginners but its complexity rises as your experience does. You can start out a family tradition with just one tackle box, a low-price rod and a reel combo and end up as a true enthusiast in bass-fishing developing your skills and techniques with every fishing trip you take.


Saltwater fishing can give you a hard-time but nevertheless a glorious memory. Whether you catch your first fish from a shore, down in the shallow waters or you set out on an offshore fishing adventure diving in for the marlin or tuna in the depths of blue, the adventure will never lack and nor will the pride.

Ice fishing is something you should swing at, especially if you are someone who enjoys the cold weather and is in for a good time. If you miss fishing during the winter time, pack yourself an ice auger, the warmest sweater you have, make sure the ice is thick enough and you might just be surprised how pleasurable it is to fish by putting lines and hooks through ice openings.

Rock fishing – outcroppings alongside the ocean bay hide a treasurable pray for those who seek thrill. You may need some hard-on experience and a proper equipment – a longer spinning rod, monofilament fishing line as well as a good saltwater fishing reel. Don’t forget to equip yourself with proper boots and a life jacket as well as eye protection and remember that safety always comes first.

Fly-fishing does not depend on the place as much as it depends on the technique and fishing equipment. All you need to catch the trout or salmon in the mountain streak is a fly-rod, a line and an artificial fly and if you ever feel the need for the heat, just pack your belongings and travel to a near-by pond or lake and you will find the same amount of challenge.